More coffee. Better pricing.

More coffee. Better pricing.

We have three big goals at City Boy Coffee: to sell truly exceptional coffees, to fairly compensate coffee farmers, and to teach our customers more about coffee. We’re exciting to say we’re making a few exciting changes that will help us advance those goals while giving you a little more coffee in the meantime.

The price is right

When we first launched, we heard two things. Coffee professionals told us we weren’t charging enough. So, we listened and raised our prices which allowed us to continue to buy outstanding coffee, pay fair prices for it, and actually grow our roastery. We wouldn’t still be here if we hadn’t raised our prices.

Pricing wasn’t yet resolved though. We found ourselves ocassionally having to explain to people who didn’t work in coffee why our coffee was more expensive than whatever coffee they were comparing it to. Long story short, it’s objectively better than what you can get in other places. Coffee is graded using metrics that identify things like how easily you can taste flavor notes, the type of natural acidities that are discernible (malic, lactic, citrus…), how it feels in your mouth, whether defects are present, etc… Coffee scores have to be agreed upon by a buyer and a seller when they’re purchased. The score dictates price. Often times, it’s actually graded by three blind graders who must all arrive at the same score. So, it’s not a subjective number. Since our founding, we’ve been buying and selling higher grade coffees than most roasteries. We intent to continue this. But, we also recognize that some of our customers would like to buy single origin coffee that’s more comparable to what they might pay from a local roaster. So, very soon, we’ll offer a new line of everyday specialty coffee in addition to our rare coffees.

Our everyday specialty line
Black bags for “everyday specialty”
Northern Serenity, Colombian coffee
White bags for “rare coffee”

Specialty coffees will contain 12oz of coffee and appear in black bags. We have also made a small change to our rare coffees. Coffee World Tour subscribers may have noticed that bags now read 250g instead of the previous 8oz designation. We’re giving you 10 percent more coffee in each rare bag.

Spreading the wealth

We’ve been talking a lot about paying fair prices for coffee. That’s very easy for us to say but we want to prove it to you. That’s why we’re working to join more than 60 roasteries around the world who’ve signed a pledge to show that they actually are compensating farmers fairly. This month, the Coffee World Tour will visit Kenya.

Mr and Mrs Joseph Mathenge, Kenyan coffee farmers

As always, subscribers will be treated to an outstanding cup of coffee. But this will also be our first fully transparent coffee. We’ll be sharing prices paid at a local level and explaining where along the supply chain is allocated.

If you’re not subscribed, this is a fantastic time to join and learn about coffees from all over the world. Several of you asked if you could receive more than one bag per month and so, we’ve added an option to let you reserve a second bag for only $15 more. If you’re already subscribed, email us to update your account.

Sharing the coffee

Last but not least, we started a referral program. If you love our coffee and you’re sharing it with other coffee lovers, we want to say thank you. If you refer someone to the Coffee World Tour, you’ll both get a $10 credit.