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$18.00 on the 1st of each month

Really good coffee tastes different depending on where it’s from, kind of like wine. We created this subscription to serves as your tour guide, introducing you to coffees from around the world. The first week of every month, you receive a freshly roasted, 250 gram bag of rare coffee from a different place on earth and a commemorative postcard to tell you about the country and the coffee.

Currently Featuring: Thailand! Experience notes of dark chocolate, apple pie, and black tea from the land of smiles. Order before the 1st to receive next month’s coffee from Costa Rica. If you want some of this month’s coffee, we may still have some in stock. 


Get a second bag and save $5.

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Explore the world from your kitchen

Every month we’ll send your freshly roasted coffee with a postcard that details the history of coffee in the country we’re highlighting and why we chose the coffee you’ll be drinking out of so many others choices.

Currently featuring: Thailand

Sign up for Coffees of the World before the 1st, to receive our next upcoming coffee from Costa Rica. Buy a single bag of this month’s coffee here… Read about this month’s coffee…

Objectively rare

We try countless coffees from each featured country. The beans that make it to your door bested tons of amazing coffees. We consider them rare as they score above an 87 on the SCA’s grading scale. Our current average is 88.5.

We’ve been there

Your coffee is coming from experts who’ve traveled from farm to farm learning what it takes to make a great cup of coffee.

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Whole Bean, Fine (Espresso), Medium-Fine (Aeropress, Moka Pot), Medium (Drip coffee, Pour-over), Medium-Coarse (Pour-over), Coarse (French Press, Cold Brew)

4 reviews for Coffee World Tour Subscription

  1. Andrew Fricke (verified owner)

    I am into my second month of being subscribed to the coffees of the world and It is great. Both coffees have been excellent but what impressed me the most was the contrast between the two. This subscription is really allowing me to try different coffees that i wouldn’t pick out myself.

    The first coffee i received was the Burundi Surprise. Before this i would have never gotten a coffee that was described as fruity. The taste blew me away, there was a very pleasant tart notes that i did not know could exist in a coffee. It was way different than any coffee i’ve had before and the surprise really perked up my morning.

    The second coffee was the Juicy Limmu. It was another fantastic coffee that was just very drinkable. It has a very pleasant nose to it (both just in the bag and while brewing) that made me excited to make it once it was here. The flavor of the coffee was not overly aggressive and had a nice sweetness to it. It was enjoyable to sip on while starting my morning routine.

  2. Wynne Hurly (verified owner)

    Review for Coffees of the World Subscription
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  3. Donovan Mcquillen (verified owner)

    Always excited when it shows up on the first of the month. Coffee is always on point and surprising

  4. Eric Dietz (verified owner)

    My City Boy Coffee subscription is something I look forward to with great delight each month—and it never disappoints! Tasting each new coffee is made even richer by learning about the farmers who grow the beans and the regions where the coffee is harvested. And the variety of flavors, variations, and aromas is always a stimulating surprise. No month is like the one before. I can’t imagine the amount of care and expertise that goes into planning this subscription service, but I sure am thrilled to be savoring it by the cupful.

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