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Just because we’re staying home more these days, doesn’t mean you can’t experience the world. Our Coffee World Tour goes to a different destination every month. We send you an incredible bag of rare coffee, tasting notes, and tell you about coffee production in the country we’re featuring. Want to give it a try? We’ll give you $10 off your first month’s subscription. Just use this code at checkout:



Expand your palate

Our subscribers know that Sumatran coffee is earthy and full bodied. They’ve experienced the maple and chocolatey goodness of northern Colombian coffee. They know the delicate, sweet flavors of Limmu, Ethiopia. Every month. We send rare coffees, information about the country and their coffee, and tasting notes so you become a coffee expert.

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Aggressively sampled

We leave no stone unturned when selecting our coffees. We identify new trends in the country’s coffee market, and then sample dozens of coffees from up and coming farms as well as tried and true regions. We choose the best coffee that represents what the country is known for then pay farmers a premium. All of our coffee is ethically sourced.

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Roasted fresh for you

We roast your coffee, to best highlight its unique characteristics, using one of the finest roasters on the market today. A portion of each batch is reserved to taste for quality and once we approve it, it’s shipped it to you immediately. You’ll always know you’re getting a product that’s fresh and contains all of the fantastic flavors we intended to highlight.

5 Reasons to Subscribe

1) Our coffee is awesome

A lot of specialty coffee subscriptions sends out coffee that’s been overstocked. We don’t do that. Every month we curate rare grade specialty beans that represent the best of the country we’re featuring. How do we know they’re the best? We sample lots of coffees. You’ll always receive a thoughtful, artisan product.

2) We pay farmers a premium

If we’re buying extraordinary coffee, we believe farmers should be rewarded for their efforts. We are committed to ethical sourcing and in some cases, can show you exactly where your money is going.

3) If you’re adventurous

You really can explore the world through coffee. Much like wine, it tastes different depending on its origin. You can also learn a lot about governments and cultures by learning how coffees are produced and enjoyed in their home country. We’ll help guide you on your coffee journey every month.

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4) It’s simple

Don’t know what to order? By subscribing to Coffee World Tour we’ll make decisions for you so you can learn what you like. There’s no algorithm, just human beings sharing with other human beings. And, should you want to pause, add a bag or cancel your subscription, that’s also simple. Just login into your account.

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5) Always fresh

Our coffee is roasted right before it’s shipped to your door. Rest assured, your coffee will always taste its best.