The Aeropress is one of the most interesting vessels for brewing coffee on the market. Created in 2005, by Alan Adler, a frisbee manufacturer, it’s easily able to create strong brews similar to espresso using a combination of pressure, percolation, immersion, and filtration. This results in a cup of coffee that’s slightly less strong than espresso but also smoother. It’s also beloved by tinkerers who have been able to use it to create excellent cups of coffee using a variety of methods. Every year, the company has a contest where baristas around the world compete to brew the best tasting cup of coffee using the Aeropress.

To brew the very best coffee with an Aeropress, you’ll want to purchase a scale. We recommend either a Hario or an OXO. Still, an Aeropress comes with everything you need to brew including a scoop and measured lines on the press itself. Without a scale you can typically produce a pretty decent cup of coffee as long as you’re using the official Aeropress filters (you’ll get some with the press) and your water is hot enough.

Brewing Instructions

  1. Put a filter in your Aeropress and attach the base.
  2. Place your Aeropress, without the plunger, on a coffee cup and then place it on your scale.
  3. Bring a kettle of water to boil.
  4. Slowly pour some of the boiling water through your filter to dampen it and warm up the Aeropress. You may then dispose of this water.
  5. Place 17 grams of medium-fine coffee in the base of the Aeropress.
  6. Pour 220ml of water. Do your best to pour evenly and slowly.
  7. Stir for 15 seconds.
  8. Place the plunger. Some coffee may go through the filter and into your cup when you do this and that’s ok.
  9. Wait for 45 seconds. Do not wait longer or your coffee will may overextract which would result in a bitter drink.
  10. Press slowly. Although you’re creating pressure through the grinds, you don’t want to press too hard or you’ll create channels through the coffee and your beverage will be underextracted.
  11. Drink and enjoy.


While we encourage you to use a scale, your Aeropress will come with a scoop and instructions for brewing without a scale if you should choose. In our instructions, we call for medium-fine grind. If you’re ordering from us and wish for your coffee to be ground in this way, choose fine and specify that it’s for Aeropress in your notes.