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Ready to become a coffee guru? Join Sphere Coffee Club and every month we’ll send you coffee from one of 50+ coffee countries that’s not only delicious, but also ethical. We call it coffee you can trust. We source beans from farms that respect the planet then pay them fairly and transparently. Soon you’ll be enjoying the best coffee in the world, roasted fresh and shipped to your door. No chemicals, no compromise, just pure, award-winning taste.

An adventure every month

Every month, you’ll receive a specialty coffee of outstanding quality, ethically sourced from one of over fifty coffee-growing countries. This unique experience will introduce you to the lives of farmers, the diverse methods of coffee cultivation, the elements that create its distinct flavors, and the ways coffee has shaped and continues to impact our world.

So many flavors

Like a wine club for coffee, we embrace the diverse flavors and aromas found in each single-origin bean. We analyze trends in coffee-producing countries, selecting the finest offerings based on sweetness, balance, body, and flavor then share our findings so you can expand your palate deepening your appreciation for the world of specialty coffee.

Freshly roasted by artisans

We aren’t a faceless company. City Boy is an artist-founded business that strives to be one of the finest roasteries in the world. We combine roasting expertise with state-of-the-art equipment to skillfully accentuate each coffee’s characteristics, highlighting its unique flavors and aromas to elevate your daily brew to a delightful sensory journey.

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