Coffee poured from Chemex

For years, American consumers were accustomed to accepting less from their coffee. Not only did we become used to one dimensional flavor, but we started to think of coffee as a cheap product. Purchasing roasted coffee for $5/lb has had a significantly negative impact on those who grow and sell it. At City Boy, we take pride in selling a product of specialty quality, we don’t want our producers to have to cut corners. We also want them to have what they need to maintain a good quality of life.

That’s why we launched an initiative to show you where your money is going. Recently some of the world’s leading roasters have made a pledge to be open and honest about “Free On Board” pricing — that’s the amount the coffee is sold for at export. This year, we’re joining those producers.

City Boy Coffee is committed to paying producers a livable wage and we are committed to providing the information necessary to our customers and the other roasters that have signed The Pledge, to be able to show that we are in fact doing that. Our first fully transparent coffee became available through our Coffee World Tour and we are following it up with a new everyday specialty coffee from Guatemala called “The Small Gift.” Full pricing transparency will be available for its launch on September 30th. We are pleased to announce that on that date, we will also release full transparency data for our entire product lineup.