We’re so glad you asked. Understanding this is a big part of understanding what makes our coffee stand apart from so many other roasters. We know you can buy coffee that’s a lot cheaper than ours. Head over to your grocery store and you can buy an 11.5 ounce can of coffee for $5 or less. If you found your way to our website, you probably don’t want to though. You already understand that there’s a difference in quality between grocery store coffee and coffee you can buy from an independent roaster. What you may not know is that this difference in quality is actually something that can be measured.

All coffee that’s bought and sold is graded on a hundred point scale using standards created by the Specialty Coffee Association. By definition, all coffee with a score less than 80, is commodity coffee and coffee rated above 80 is specialty coffee. We don’t ever buy commodity coffee. It’s cheap but it’s neither good nor sustainable. Farmers selling to the commodity market are often living in poverty. Commodity coffee mostly supports large corporations. Everything we purchase is specialty coffee.

There are no standard designations for coffee outside of specialty and commodity but because we focus so heavily on quality, we take our vocabulary a step further than most. We are committed to only selling specialty coffee that scores 84 and above. We also designate rare coffee as anything over an 87. You wouldn’t think it, but there’s a big difference between an 84 and an 87 because as scores get higher, they become harder to attain. There’s no such thing as a 100 point coffee, so scores in the 90s are exceedingly rare. In fact, when something is 91 or higher, we sell it as exceedingly rare.